How to accept cryptocurrencies for websites

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Business owners who accept crypto payments can keep their businesses competitive, acquire more customers, and lower their payment processing fees.

To start accepting crypto, you need to choose a crypto payment provider. They differ in functionality, commission for the transactions, usability, and integration methods.

Most of the crypto payment providers take a 1% commission for the transaction. At the same time, the minimum commission of banking systems is 3%.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. For a business owner, it’s convenient to convert the accepted payment to so-called stablecoins — an equivalent of the U.S. dollar.

SMARTy Pay has one of the lowest commission fees: it’s only 0.3% per successful transaction. It also converts all accepted crypto payments to stablecoins that the merchant selects as a settlement currency.

SMARTy Pay offers a variety of payment methods that might be used for different business models.

SMARTy Pay — Multi crypto payment solution for different online businesses

Use Recharge payments for services with internal users’ wallets. Use this method to let people top up their wallets using different cryptocurrencies.

Invoices could also be used for purchasing tokens to refill the user’s account, or for purchasing some goods or services on your website.

Use Subscriptions (recurring crypto payments) to arrange auto-payments for a certain timeframe for getting some services or content.

Easily add a donation button or a link to collect a custom amount of money from website visitors.

SMARTy Pay also provides a plugin for websites built with WooCommerce to add SMARTy Pay as a checkout method with cryptocurrencies.

To start accepting crypto simply apply to a free merchant account and choose a payment model. You can create an invoice or a donation button for your website in seconds or contact SMARTy Pay team for a custom integration for recharge payments or subscriptions. We will be glad to assist you!

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